Firefighting suit

Firefighting suit


RSZD-Firefighting suit is a fireman's fire protective clothing manufactured by our company is a new generation designed and manufactured strictly in accordance with European Union standard( BS EN 469:2005 firefighting protective clothing). It is used to protect the body of firefighters during fire fighting. This product adopts the international quality standard, well-selected materials, novel design sophisticated production, the main technical performance index can reach the international advanced level.

This fireman’s fire protective clothing is composed of multiple layers of materials as outer layer, waterproof and breathable layer, thermal barrier layer I comfort layer. The main fabric is made of Blended composite international high-quality high-temperature resistant fiber materials, introduce of advanced spinning and weaving technologies, using international leading testing equipment and production equipment, and advanced production technology. This product has excellent protective properties of flame retardant, anti-static, anti-arc, heat insulation, abrasion resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, oil and water resistance, breathable and comfortable.

This fireman’s fire protective clothing includes protective jacket and protective pants. The jacket has a wide body structure, the pants have a strap structure, and the outer layer and inner liner of jacket and pants are non-detachable.

On the chest circumference, hem, cuffs and trouser bottom of the protective clothing, there are stitched reflective tape with a width of not less than 50mm that can be seen in 360′ directions, which is convenient for warning and identification.

All pockets on the protective clothing are designed to be loose and three-dimensional, various communication equipment and fire fighting tools can be placed.

•     The design of the elbows, knees and other parts of the protective clothing conforms to the principles of ergonomics, stretchable, and has extremely wear-resistant characteristics.

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